Mahendra Singh Money

Dhoni has just about put himself down in the eyes of keen-eyed  cricket lovers. At least for me, what he said after Chennai’s win over Punjab in the 2010 IPL about how the franchise pay them so much hence they must at least be in semifinal and so he got emotional after the close win blablah, has stood in stark contrast to the casual remark he made after the loss to Sri Lanka after the T20 WC loss that sums up to T20 World Cup happening every alternate year and this humiliating 2010 campaign being no big deal; something to the effect of finding out Salman Khan is gay… completely shocking and unbelievable!

I don’t want to but am forced to join the IPL bashing bandwagon. Money, it seems, has finally corrupted the minds of (our)cricketers. Fans’ emotions is not a big deal compared to the IPL franchise owners’ investment. I don’t think the days of young cricketers dreaming of playing for the highest paying IPL franchise and not India, T20 and not test cricket, are not too far.

However, in a way, there is some truth to Dhoni’s statement.  A World Cup must not be “just another tournament”, as it seems to be at the moment. It  must carry pride and anticipation. So, I would like to suggest to the ICC (darn my fortitude!) that both the 50 overs and 20 overs world cups must be held once every 4 years, and both the cups held back to back with one month rest in between. Also, this being a world event, the member boards must be advised to alter their schedules accordingly. Let The World Cup year, as I call it, begin from 2015.

Anyway, I am still, as of 2010 May 12, the day after the unceremonious exit from T20 WC, waiting to see if at all Mahendra Singh Money is going to apologise, albeit perfunctory, to the fans. I am basically curious to listen to his logic and excuses.

PS: I am still not sure if the IPL comment he made was a tongue in cheek public humiliation to the bosses who were constantly nagging about the performance.