End of an era


I used to use twitter as a scratchpad for my ideas that I would develop at a later time and post some of the on this blog. As much as I enjoyed my stay there, in July 2016 l ran out of motivation to continue to use that platform and deleted my account. However, I recreated the account a month later, in August, in order to ‘protect the brand’ – I didn’t want some one to use that handle after I was gone and people mistake that person to be me.

(more to come)


NOW I Finished Hibernating

I thought I had finished hibernating but what can I say…I am a man with diverse interests and in some sense get distracted easily. I don’t quite have ADHD or anything like that though.  As mentioned in the sticky post, I have always used Twitter as a scratch pad but lately grew tired of repetitive &  predictable content there. It may be my fault for not following enough diverse ideas but I thought a long break from that platform would benefit me, and a break was needed anyway, for there are  many ideas on that scratchpad that need development. Twitter is good to convey ideas in fewest possible words (as a software guy I enjoy it by nature), but I miss writing long posts.  Anyway, I am now done hibernating and ready to play around. I hope.

About this blog

I used to use Twitter as my scratch pad and post the developed thoughts here, but not anymoreMy posts are grouped into four things : uncategorized, opinions, analyses and observations.

Uncategorized has just mundane things that may or may not be of interest, to anyone. Opinions has my views on issues, be it “current affairs” (quotes used to stress that things might not be current at the time of reading) or general ideas. The sub category is : India (for now). Analyses has contents that are basically my attempt at theorizing, deducing and other such “intellectual” endeavors. Observations has stuff not quite opinions and analyses but just what I’ve observed. They could grow into analyses someday.

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I am redesigning my blog. I am restructuring in order to post more content that could be grouped and accessed simpler and better.

If you happen to have stumbled across this blog, and you liked what you read, comeback in some days to check out more. If you didn’t like what you read, well, comeback in some days and check out more; you might like what you find.

If you are not here and not reading this…wait, who am I telling this to?  Why, myself of course. I am a lonely sod who loads up his own blog and keeps pressing F5.

Anyway,  this is more to remind myself to complete what I started.

I saw dead people

I saw people who were living

people who had life

people who had dreams

people who are now dead.


I saw people wailing

people wailing uncontrollably

holding people over their chest

the people who are now dead.


People showed me pictures

pictures having happy people

pictures showing life

of people who are now dead.


The charred bodies bore no likeness

to the lovely people in the pictures

and all I now saw was charred bodies

bodies of people who are now dead.


I saw people dredge out people

all day long like bags of sand

and what if a piece ripped off of them

these people are now dead.


I saw people made of wood

people made of butter

people made of everything in between

and people who are now dead.


People say people are alone

and bonds are rather shackles

and I can’t opine as all I see is people

people who are now dead.