About me

I am your true lord.. I AM YOUR TRUE LORD for I DECIDE YOUR AFTERLIFE. So PROSTRATE. Alas, you silly humans bow to a minion like an elephant headed fatso. Damn. That’s my bosses son. Not that he cares, he’s not from his own sperm you know. DAMN IT. If that man could sever the head of a kid I’ll be damned for saying that…. HOLY FUCK…. BEWARE YOU MINION. Don’t be a snitch. You know what would happen otherwise, don’t you, HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA haa

Seriously though (you have to be a Hindu in order to get the humor in the above paragraph),

My name is Vinay. I am a guy from India from the city of Bangalore…yup…that city that lent its name to that verb that helped a half Kenyan become the world’s most powerful man.

I have varied interests (not all of which are made obvious to all my acquaintances)  and software seems to be the most lucrative one. Hence I do it for a living . I am an aspiring entrepreneur.

I have an opinion, or judgment if you will, on things that arouse my interest. And I am aroused by everything. Hmmm. As the blogger I call  myself Vinay Yamadharmaraja as it sounds more appropriate to the name yamaloka. (Also Yama Dharmaraja makes me look like a troll when commenting elsewhere lol)


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