I am redesigning my blog. I am restructuring in order to post more content that could be grouped and accessed simpler and better.

If you happen to have stumbled across this blog, and you liked what you read, comeback in some days to check out more. If you didn’t like what you read, well, comeback in some days and check out more; you might like what you find.

If you are not here and not reading this…wait, who am I telling this to?  Why, myself of course. I am a lonely sod who loads up his own blog and keeps pressing F5.

Anyway,  this is more to remind myself to complete what I started.


3 thoughts on “Restructuring

  1. Hey mate, how are you doing?
    So you are not coming back to CodeProject (I didn’t mention GIT)? Man things should’t be permanent. Hope to see you back. 🙂

  2. Hey mate, I am good, how about you? Sorry I wasn’t around here to check your comment. Not that this place is bustling with activity to check on who commented!

    Thanks for remembering me!

    I might come there to publish some stuff I am working on, privately. I am currently having this feature creep lol. Is GIT still around?

    1. Hey good to hear back from you.
      Yeah GIT it is still alive but is struggling to get good posts. Most of us aren’t really active anymore. And of course there are new ones who have replaced us but the variety of discussions have plunged more. I went to Codeproject after a long time yesterday let alone GIT. Life has become very busy.
      Will try and check out your article if it’s web related. Let me know when it comes.

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